To our friends in the Haunted Attraction Industry,

We do not charge licensing fees for the use of our music in your attractions. We do, however, require you register with us each year.

If you are currently using or plan to use any of Jerry Vayne's CD's in your professional attraction this year, please register online now by using the form below. Even if you have registered with us in the past, we require that you re-register each year.

After registration please download one of the many posters below to display in your haunted attraction. It will state that your attraction utilizes the music of Jerry Vayne. Once this is done you will be protected legally. The posters serve notice that you are using the music with our permission. Also by doing this, you will be helping us out with our promotional efforts.

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Jerry Vayne's CD's are not a music library and Vayne1 Music retains all publishing and performance rights. This registration does NOT pertain to the use of the music in film, theatre productions, internet sites, commercials, or any other type of production. If you have any questions or would like to inquire about additional usage, simply contact us here.


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