Formerly with the San Diego Glam rockers "FOXY ROXX" and the most recent guitarist for the band "PSYCHO GYPSY", Jerry Vayne is now delving into the musical realms of the Haunt Industry.

Welcome to the “Haunt-Strumetal”™ world of The Haunt Rocker, Jerry Vayne.

In 2008, a new musical specter “materialized” into the Haunted Attraction Industry… gouging his way into the Haunted Attractions of the nation.

His focus? To change the traditional haunt music of the industry on its’ ear by creating his own brand of “Haunt-Strumetal” ™ soundscapes.

It wall began in 2006 with with the song "When Hinges Creak", a tour-de-force metal instrumental dedicated to Disneyland's "Haunted Mansion", and then continued with the cover of "The Headless Man" from "The Legend of Sleep Hollow" that this roller coaster suddenly began and quickly a buzz was created about this new "spectre" to the haunted attraction industry.

In 2008, he was asked to contribute his first 2 original tracks for the haunt industry CD compilation “RFR Presents: Dark Pandemonium "A Descent into the Labyrinth of the Mind"). His contributions included the dark and stirring title track "Dark Pandemonium: Enter The Labyrinth" and the Zombie-inspired "Zombie Stomp: March of the Undead". Both tracks ignited in the industry and became the break out hits of the CD, resulting in an influx of emails asking for more music.

In 2009 his debut CD, the 18-track Dark Carnival/Vampire concept CD “Damnations Embrace”, was released and quickly sold out of it's initial pressing with several tracks being used through out the haunt industry as well as in videos and 2 independent films - "Feast" from Scared-E-Cat Productions and "The Back Room" from Threedt Films.

The kings of Gothic Halloween music, Midnight Syndicate, contacted him to re-envision the Midnight Syndicates classic, Dark Folk (Shadows)" for the sound track CD “The Dead Matter: Original Soundtrack” (Winner of the 2011 Golden Cob for "Best B-Movie Soundtrack"). That track became one of the most talked about tracks from the CD and introduced him to the group's fan base, many who embraced his style and referred to him as "The Midnight Syndicate of Metal".

During that time he created custom tracks for the Toxicity Haunted Attraction and Wells Township Haunted House and and in 2010 he released the 11-track abomination “Soul Collector”, a musical monstrosity inspired by films, books and several actual haunted attractions with the cover artwork by Gothic photographer, Laura Dark. He also released a special convention-only EP at the Midwest Haunters Convention that previewed 3 tracks from the new CD that sold out in the first few hours.

In 2011, the industry saw the release of another Midwestern Haunters Convention exclusive EP "Sounds From 'The Attic" which featured the first 6 tracks from his current project. This project was by far the darkest release seen by "The Haunt Rocker" as a direct result from a home robbery that saw his entire house robbed at Christmas. The direct result became the dark & demented soundscape "The Attic". The CD's possession story line used ambient sounds to tie each song together to create an aural nightmare about a possessed music box. The CD received rave reviews from fans & critics alike.

In 2012, he released his 3rd convention EP "From Darkness... They Become!", a 8 song collection of tracks from the 3 CD's all directly inspired by various haunted houses and also included a bonus track "Outbreak" that is a preview track from his next release.

He also has split his time working on tracks for other haunts and clients as well as becoming the co-(G)Host, music coordinator and host of the segment "De-Composing", a break down segment of his custom work, for the haunt industry podcast "The Big Scary Show".

He currently is taking a much needed break but still working on 4 different releases to be released in the next few years starting with the Zombie Apocalypse Cd "Virus 308", the black magic/voodoo themed "Bodies In The Bayou", the carnival inspired "Cirque Du Macabre" and the last release "Phobia".

You can check out his music at and hear him on the "Big Scary Show" at



Den of Thieves (1990-1992) San Diego CA. Rhythm guitar, vocals, keyboards. Released 2 demos, self-titled CD. Voted TOP HARD ROCK BAND on Rock 102.1. Metal original band. Played locally and opened for various national artists.

Big City (1992-1994) San Diego CA. Rhythm guitar, vocals. Released 2 demo. Modern rock originals. Played locally and opened for various national artists.

Foxy Roxx (1994-2001) San Diego CA Lead/rhythm guitar, vocals. Co-songwriter. Glam band. Toured across states. Opened for several national acts including CC Deville, KISS (parking lot for local station), Ac frehley, Pretty Boy Floyd, Great White, Slaughter, La Guns, Phil Lewis, Tuff. Released 2 CD’s – “Shake The Foundation” 1994, “Mixed Up World” 1998. Unreleased KISS cover “Talk to Me” for Ace Frehley Tribute “Return of The Comet” (feat. Dimebag Darrell, Pres. Of The US, Tod Howarth). Compilation inclusion – “Images of My Underground”, “All That Glitters”, “The Pink & The Black” (feat Dee Snider, Pretty Boy Floyd). Reviewed in Spin Magazine, Metal hammer, Kerrang! Home Video – “Shake The Foundation” 100 min long form video.

Poison’d (1996-2001) San Diego CA. “C.C” DeVille” Lead/rhythm guitar, vocals. First OFFICIAL Posion tribute band sanctioned and approved by Poison. Opened for Poison at L.A. Amphitheater with Dokken, Slaughter and Cinderella. Same members of Foxy Roxx. Played all over Southern California and Las Vegas.

Rain Of Kings (2002-2004) San Diego CA. Lead/rhythm guitar, vocals. Classic Rock tribute band. Played locally

Thunder Struck (2003-2004) San Diego CA “Angus Young” Lead Guitar. Brian Johnson-era AC/DC tribute band. Played in many tribute band shows as well as on military bases. Last show on the USS Pelilu flight deck July 4, 2004.

Way Cool Jr. (2004-2005) San Diego CA Lead/rhythm guitar, vocals. 80’s hair metal tribute band. Still currently active.

Sin City (2007) Las Vegas NV “Angus Young” Lead Guitar. Bon Scott-era AC/DC tribute band. Included Rod Miller (Prophecy), Michael “Animal” Fenicchia (Carol Lyn and Some Guys, Hair Nation), Troy Powell (Strutter, Black Diamond, The Kiss Experience). 1 show at the Bunk House.

Psycho Gypsy (2008) Denver CO, Los Angeles CA, Las Vegas NV Lead/rhythm guitar, vocals. Metal glam band. Released 1 demo track (produced, engineered & mixed. Al guitars, leads and lower backing harmonies). Performed 1 show in Aurora CA on May 3, 2008.

Jerry Vayne (solo artist) (2002)

Jerry Vayne (aka The Haunt Rocker) 2006 – current)



Den of Thieves S/T (1992)

Big City 5 song demo (uncredited) (1992)

Foxy Roxx Shake The Foundation (1994) Images Of My Underground (1995 Australian compilation). Track: Do You really Like It All That Glitters (1996 compilation). Track: Leave Me Alone The Pink & The Black (1997 compilation). Track: Hangin’ Out (demo) Mixed Up World (1998) Shake The Foundation”- 100 min long form video.

Jerry Vayne (solo artist) Disilussions of Granduer (2002 demo CD. All vocals, guitars & keyboards. All originals w 2 covers. Co-produced, mixed.) Demos of Japanese label that folded before completion. Sour Puss: The Glitzinet Compilation (2002). Track; Porn Boy

Jerry Vayne (aka “The Haunt Rocker”). All instruments. Wrote, produced, mixed, engineered and mastered. Song: When Hinges Creak (2006) Song: The Headless Man (2007). Remixed in 2008. RFR Presents: Dark Pandemonium "A Descent into the Labyrinth of the Mind" (2008 Haunt Industry Compilation - 2 songs). Tracks: Dark Pandemonium: Enter the Labyrinth, Zombie Stomp: March of the Undead Damnations Embrace (2009) Song: Radiation Burns (The Toxic Waltz) (2009). Custom track for Toxicity Haunted Attraction. The MHC Soul Collector Sampler Ep (2010). 4 song Sampler for the Midwest Haunters Convention. The Dead Matter Official Soundtrack (2010) from Midnight Syndicate. Song: Shadows (Haunt Rocker remix). Soundtrack won “Best B-Movie Soundtrack CD” Golden Cob Award. Soul Collector (2010) The Music of (2010 compilation). Track: The Soul Collector Song: The Wolf’s Bane (2010). Custom track for Wells Township Haunted Attraction. Song: Necromantix (2011). Custom track for Midwest Haunters Convention “Miss Scary Midwest” contestant. Sound From The Attic: The MHC Exclusive EP (2011). 6 songs sampler for “The Attic”. The Attic (2011). The Music of Vol. 2 (2011 compilation). Track: In Death's Throes (mis-titled as "Deaths Throne") Song: Overlord (Erebus’ Theme) (2011). Custom track for The Voice From Hell. Song: The Big Scary Show Theme (2012). Custom track theme song for “The Big Scary Show” podcast. From Darkness… They Become!” MHC Sampler (2012). 8 songs “haunt-inspired” Best Of collection and preview bonus track for next cd. Song: From A Whisper To A Scream (2012). Custom track for Screamline Studios. The Music of Vol. 3 (2012 compilation). Track: Outbreak

Not included: Various bumper music tracks for different podcasts.



Guitars – Dean “Eric Peterson” Signature Flying V (main), Dean “1980 Cadillac” Amp: 1990 Marshall JCM 900 50 watt w 4x12 slant cab. Effects: Line 6 POD w midi controller, DOD bi-fet preamp (for lead boost), DOD EQ (when needed) Digital Reference Wireless.

I also have Dean “Eric Peterson “Hunter” Signature Flying V, 1996 Epiphone Les Paul and a 2004 Jackson Dinky Strat. I use these in studio only.